Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Touching Story

GOOD KIDS (2016)

Produced By: Next Exit Productions
Director: Douglas Rowland II
Starring: Michael Ridley, Jason Orlee, Kari White and others
Pros: Good story, touching plot
Cons: Bad acting, poor cinematography, poor pace
Rating: ** of 5 (2 of 5) - I wish I could've given it higher

I usually avoid family dramas as they tend to be too melodramatic. However, I've found that Indie movie centered around families tend to have a bit more realism than their mainstream counterparts. And that is certainly true for Good Kids, an Indie film that caught my attention even though it was, for the most part, very badly made. Most of my American friends come from separated families, so I've become curious of late as to how the dynamics of that work - perhaps, in a strange way, that was why I decided to watch the film in the first place.

The greatest strength of the movie is its simple and yet touching story - especially of the protective relationship between the two brothers, and their love for baseball. Indeed, the simplicity of it all was most endearing, something rare in today's film making. And yet, just about everything else worked against the movie - there was a full spectrum of bad acting, from the decent acting by the younger sibling to the absolutely pathetic performance by the parents. The cinematography was very poor, with the director presumably having no thought at all for how to translate his idea into a movie. And the idea was quite nebulous anyway - the story keeps jumping from plot to plot with little connection between them.

Overall, this movie was a huge disappointment. The idea was good but it wasn't translated properly, and the acting was downright deplorable. I wish it could've been better - I would certainly have watched. (OTFS)

PS: Not to be confused with the mainstream film, Good Kids, coming out later this year.

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