Saturday, September 24, 2016

For Sale: The White House

As we head into the final stretch of the race for the 2016 US Presidential Election between candidates Hillary Clinton of the Democrats and Donald Trump of the Republicans, the race appears to be very close, especially in key battleground states. In the last few days, according to polls, Trump appears to be moving ahead in those states, which has obviously set off alarm bells in the liberal media. The reason for this is two-fold: Trump seems to have sobered up a bit and decided to stop making off-the-cuff remarks that lead to much headache for his team, and Hillary Clinton's own dubious lies over the Clinton Foundation and her time in the State Department, not to mention her emails, have come into sharp focus.

The case appears to be that Clinton user her position as SecState to funnel money to her husband's Foundation, despite swearing to keep away from it once she took oath. Well, oaths have never meant much to her, so this wasn't really very surprising. It was scandalous however because, had she never decided to run, chances are that nobody would've found out about her dubious dealings and blatant misuse of official power.

This makes one seriously wonder what she would do as President. Would the White House virtually be for sale to the highest bidder? How much Saudi money would it take to get President Clinton to invade Iran? How much money from televangelists would it take for Clinton to support overturning Roe v Wade? We all know that she has no opinions of her own (or at least doesn't show them) and does whatever is popular at the time. What would such a person do with such great powers?

A scary thought indeed. 

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