Sunday, November 13, 2016

A New World

President-Elect Donald J Trump, who won a majority of electoral college votes and is all set to be elected the 45th President of the United States, will be much more that. As the old moniker goes, he will be the Leader of the Free World. A different world - a new world. For, by defeating the Democratic challenger and her massive war chest of hundreds of millions of dollars, a pliant media that refused to be fair and balanced, a Republican party that was dead-set against a change in the status quo, an army of data analysts who insisted that they were right, and anarchists in cities like Chicago who refused to let him so much as say anything, Trump has taken over the mantle of the wave of anti-establishment movements that have democratically toppled established politicians across the world - in India, in Indonesia, in Europe, and now in America.

From the perspective of those who supported and continue to support PM Modi in India, events following Trump's election are a throwback to the way the global socialist movement acts - violent protests, rumor mongering, and boycott or even outright lynching of pro-Trump members of the public. 'Manufactured intolerance' that was perfected in India has been successfully imported into America - for once, we seem to have taught the older democracy something!
The irony is that the anti-Trump protesters with their colorful slogans were the same people who were lecturing Trump (and indeed, the entire world) about the need to accept a democratic process. They forgot to read out their terms and conditions - 'as long as our candidate wins'. The hypocrisy of the Left is now out in the open - in the months after President Trump is sworn in next year, expect these rats to come out in the open, and for the media to go, as they say, 'full retard' in their highly biased reporting.

The problem with the Left is that they have so monopolized institutions, particularly academia and the media, that they have converted them into echo chambers, where they hear whatever they want from their fellow comrades, while being totally cut off from the vast masses outside. Not only did the Left miss the mood of America, they continue to do so, trying to rationalize the loss in the same template of racism and bigotry that they used to earlier assure themselves that they would win - with an 85% chance, according to the now-discredited New York Times forecast. They learned nothing before and seem determined to learn nothing now.

Which is just fine for Mr. Trump, who has made a long list of difficult promises that he will have to begin tackling from Day 1. There is not going to be any honeymoon period, and even the fact that his party (which largely hates him) has a majority in the both Houses will not help too much, except for probably the few common points (repealing Obamacare being on top). But Mr. Trump has now joined a select group of leaders - hitherto led by Narendra Modi of India and Theresa May of the UK - who will lead their countries away from the elite-controlled system of the last two decades towards a more organic of democracy, with all its shortcomings and failures. We wish him luck. 

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