Friday, November 4, 2016

The Shenanigans of Ravish Kumar

With the I&B Ministry deciding to ban broadcast of NDTV India for a day, the old establishment is back to their hollow calls of 'Emergency' and 'Fascism,' clearly hoping to corner Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again. Obviously, the issue is being painted as a dictatorial ban without procedure, and freedom of expression is being brought up again. I am reminded of Dr. BR Ambedkar's speech in the Constituent Assembly, wherein he attacked the Communists, who wanted absolute freedom so that they could, unhindered, attack the state and destroy it from within.

In all the noise and false outrage, the primary issue is being forgotten - that NDTV India, in violation of broadcasting rules, provided live coverage of an anti-terrorist operation, and gave out operational details that could have helped the terrorists (and indeed, it may have). That was in Pathankhot, a major attack that took the nation by surprise. Back in 2008, during the siege on 26/11 in Mumbai, NDTV once again was giving out operational details, which were lapped up by handlers in Karachi. Knowingly or otherwise, NDTV has acted as an accomplice for terrorism - something for which its editors would deserve to be prosecuted, and not meekly banned for a single day. Indeed, the rules prescribe a ban of 30 days, but because it was the first transgression under the new rules, it was brought down to a token one day.

And yet, Ravish Kumar, the most pretentious anchor in the channel (beating even the likes of Barkha Dutt in the English language sister network), is trying his best to spin it as an attack on NDTV due to ideology. He has asked whether the media has no right to question, forgetting both that NDTV alone was found guilty of this violation among TV channels, and that the rules were already in place and well-known. More importantly, the token ban is not for any questions, views, or debates, but for the far more serious crime of aiding terrorists to kill our soldiers. The I&B Ministry has followed due process in the case (and has even shown mercy in the end), and in any democracy, punishment through due process is fully justified as long as the laws apply to everybody (and they do, in this case).

Pretentious Ravish Kumar is of course going to use this as an opportunity to become an even greater messiah for his JNU fans, even as his channel continues to report losses every quarter. In the market, where everyone has a vote through their remote control, he has no support and no popularity, and yet he is going to paint himself as some mass leader to cover up for his crime. It seems that for the Leftist media, freedom of expression is the ultimate fallback of a scoundrel. So great is the hate of Ravish Kumar for Narendra Modi that he is willing to destroy the country for it - willing to join hands with terrorists to gun down our soldiers for it.

And the tragedy is that those who take their security for granted are going to line up behind him. Fortunately, it is a very, very small number.

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