Monday, December 19, 2016

IOTY16: A Pillar of Stability

It's been 10 years! 

That's right - February 7, 2007, marked my first blog post on Opinions 24x7, a simple post announcing my entry into opinions writing on the blogosphere. Since then, while the Internet itself has changed drastically, I've continued to post, having crossed 2,900 posts this year. And, despite my busy schedule significantly slowing me down this year, I will continue to keep posting.

Indian of the Year has been the signature end-of-year event at OTFS. For IOTY16, I've decided to celebrate the 10th edition with a unique format (more on that later). And of course, a unique format called for a unique logo - breaking with the aerodynamic look of previous logos, this time's logo is more solid, with clear lines and forms. Representing a Pillar of Stability, the logo serves as a beacon of past achievements holding up the promise of the future. On top if a stylized 10 with the Ashok chakra, which has featured in every IOTY logo.

Look out for more announcements next year!

Opinions 24x7 Presents
Indian of the Year 2016
Coming in March 2017

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