About Opinions 24x7

Writing has always been a natural thing for me. Whenever I had an idea, I'd want to pen it down. From my travels across the Indian nation, I have seen the power of ideas and stories. But why blogger?

At a point of my life when I felt closed from the rest of the world, I discovered blogger. Not that it was the first time I tried my hand at blogging. Oh no, there were previous attempts, but all of them had failed. Then, just when I needed to find some breathing space, I started Opinions 24x7.

In case you haven't noticed yet, this is a very political blog. Politics is not just about elections nor is it about violent clashes between clans and factions. Politics is a way of life: it is an attempt to organize society into a purpose-oriented structure. It has evolved over centuries, from the days of tribal warlords (who are still there today) to Kings (who are also there today) to modern democracy. If you think that you can avoid politics by simply closing your senses to it, then you are wrong: as long as you remain a part of society, politics will be a reality of your life.

Opinions 24x7 is of course more than just politics. We do some excellent documentaries, publish original stories (we have a very strict anti-plagiarism code), review movies and comment on events from my life. In short, Opinions 24x7, or OTFS for short, is a quick snapshot of me, my mind and my world.